Top 10 Soft Play Rooms in New York

There's no question that one of the toughest things for parents is coming up with different ways to entertain a toddler, especially in a big, busy city. If you know the feeling, then you've come to the right place.

Our team has put together a list of the top 10 soft play rooms you can visit in New York City to spend a fun and engaging day with your little ones.

But first things first: Why soft play rooms?

Play is a powerful tool for learning. Soft play equipment encourages children to move, climb, and explore, which enhances their motor skills and overall physical fitness. Through interactive play with soft play sets, children develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. Whether they are building structures or navigating an obstacle course, these activities stimulate brain development and enhance cognitive functions. It's safe, it's beneficial, and most importantly - it's so much fun.

1. Kidville

With multiple locations throughout NYC, Kidville is a go-to spot for many families. Their soft play gyms are designed to inspire physical activity and imaginative play. The bright, colorful environments are perfect for toddlers to explore.

Website: Kidville

Multiple locations, check the website for the nearest one.

2. Twinkle Play Space

Situated in Brooklyn, Twinkle Play Space is a whimsical wonderland for kids. The large play area is filled with soft play structures, themed play zones, and a variety of toys that encourage active play. It's an ideal spot for kids to burn off energy and engage in creative activities.

Website: Twinkle Play Space

Address: 144 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

3. Kids 'N Shape

Kids 'N Shape, located in Queens, is a dynamic play space that focuses on physical fitness and fun. The soft play area includes obstacle courses, ball pits, and bounce houses, making it a fantastic place for kids to get moving and stay active.

Website: Kids 'N Shape

Address: 162-26 Cross Bay Boulevard, Howard Beach, NY 11414

4. Bounce 'N Play

Located in Astoria, Queens, Bounce 'N Play is a vibrant play space that includes soft play structures, inflatable slides, and a ball pit. It's an excellent place for kids to have a blast and make new friends.

Website: Bounce 'N Play

Address: 20-21 Stainway St, Astoria, NY 11105

5. Xplore Family Fun Center

Xplore Family Fun Center offers a variety of attractions and activities for children and families, including inflatables, a two-level laser tag arena, mini go-karts, a soft ninja course playground, and an arcade with over 35 games. The center also features dedicated play areas for toddlers.

Website: Xplore Family Fun Center

Address: 200 Wilson St, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

6. Fairytale Island

Fairytale Island is an indoor play space designed with a magical, fairy tale theme. It includes various play structures and activities aimed at sparking children's imaginations. 

Website: Fairytale Island

Address: 7110 3rd avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209

7. Laugh n Play

Laugh n Play provides a safe and fun environment for children to explore and play. This facility includes indoor playgrounds, interactive play areas, and offers various programs and events. 

Website: Laugh n Play

Address: 4210 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11234

8. Complete Playground

Complete Playground offers an indoor play area that focuses on providing an engaging and educational environment for children. With a range of play equipment and activities, it promotes physical activity and cognitive development. The facility is designed to be inclusive and accessible for children of all abilities.

Website: Complete Playground

Address: 30 Broad St, New York, NY 10004

9. Little Laughs Playtime

Little Laughs Playtime features a variety of play areas suitable for young children, including soft play zones, interactive games, and creative activities. It aims to provide a safe, clean, and fun environment for children to explore and enjoy.

Website: Little Laughs Playtime

Address: 1139-3 Jericho Turnpike, Commack, NY 11725

10. Playgarden Prep

Playgarden Prep offers a high-quality indoor play space with an emphasis on early childhood education. The facility includes various play structures and learning stations designed to promote physical, social, and cognitive development in young children.

Website: Playgarden Prep

Address: 95 Franklin StreetNew York, NY 10013

Soft play rooms are not just a solution for a rainy day; they are a gateway to a world of exploration and development for your child. So next time you’re looking for a fun and beneficial way to spend the day, check out one of these amazing soft play rooms in New York City. Your kids will thank you, and you'll appreciate the break from trying to keep them entertained.

Feel like this is a bit too much for your little one? Don't worry. You don't have to visit large, crowded spaces to give your kid the joy of soft play. Check out these fun soft play equipment sets and get them delivered straight to your door.
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